Month: September 2014

Strawberry Hull Martinis

Strawberry hulls, water, vodka, lemon juice

Strawberry Hull-15

One thing that’s impressive about Toque! is how they aim to waste as little as possible. This cocktail actually consists of two recipes from the book. Strawberry Stem Water is a component featured as it’s own recipe later in the book, so we’ve combined the two here. This recipe is the first in a set of strawberry recipes–in the book, each recipe uses the waste product from a previous recipe, so there was practically no waste at all!

Strawberry Hull-1

We started with the Strawberry Stem Water. This was a fairly simple process that involved slicing the tops off of the strawberries and setting the strawberries aside for use in another recipe.

Strawberry Hull-2
Strawberry Hull-3

Next, we sprinkled the the strawberry hulls with sugar and covered them with water.

Strawberry Hull-4
Strawberry Hull-5

The resulting mixture was placed in the fridge to rest for 24 hours. Upon removal from the fridge, the strawberries had very nicely infused the water and the hulls looked a little tired.

Strawberry Hull-6

We then passed the mixture through a conical strainer and threw away the hulls (okay, maybe there is a little bit of waste, but it served a purpose prior to being disposed of!).

Strawberry Hull-7

Next we started on the Strawberry Hull Martinis as they required the strawberry water component we just made. We sliced some lemon rind to garnish the beverage and squeezed some lemon juice.

Strawberry Hull-8
Strawberry Hull-9

Finally, we added the strawberry water, lemon juice, vodka (no, we didn’t make that!) and some ice to a shaker.

Strawberry Hull-10
Strawberry Hull-11
Strawberry Hull-12
Strawberry Hull-13

After 30 seconds of vigorous exercise, the cocktail was complete! It’s pretty incredible how strongly the flavour of strawberry came through! It was a cool and delicious treat, not to mention an amazing way to use kitchen trimmings!

Strawberry Hull-14
Strawberry Hull-15

Stay tuned for more strawberry recipes!