Berry Vinegar and Vinegared Pulp

Strawberry pulp and red wine vinegar

vinegared pulp 5

These are the last two recipes in our strawberry series—at least until we make more strawberry sorbet! We had planned to do two more recipes using the same by-products, but the volume of pulp we were left with did not allow for us to do this (we had also planned to make Fruit Water and Fruit Oil). Luckily, we did have enough to make this strawberry vinegar and vinegared pulp.

We started by mixing red wine vinegar into the leftover strawberry pulp from the Fruit Paste and Fruit Sorbet recipes.

Vinegar and Vinegared Pulp-1

Vinegar and Vinegared Pulp-2

The pulpy vinegar was then funnelled into a jar and left to sit in the fridge for two weeks.

Vinegar and Vinegared Pulp-5

Vinegar and Vinegared Pulp-3

Vinegar and Vinegared Pulp-8

After two weeks in the fridge, the vinegar looked about the same, but wow did the taste change!

Vinegar and Vinegared Pulp-9

Vinegar and Vinegared Pulp-10

The original red wine vinegar tasted quite fresh for vinegar with a crisp, sharp acid taste. After a month in the fridge it took on a more fermented taste with some added strawberry sweetness.

The next part was easy; we just kept the vinegar and vinegared pulp aside for plating!

Vinegar and Vinegared Pulp-12

Vinegar and Vinegared Pulp-14

After some thought, we decided to integrate the vinegar component into a salad in the form of a strawberry dressing. It also just so happened that I had planned chicken for dinner that night, so we were able to incorporate both elements into our dinner.

We chose finely diced strawberries and spinach to complement the strawberry vinegar in the salad.

Vinegar and Vinegared Pulp-15

We then added some olive oil and salt to the strawberry vinegar to make a simple dressing.

Vinegar and Vinegared Pulp-16

The final dish turned out great! The pulp was the most impressive component, however. It had a strong flavor that probably would have been better suited to a stronger flavored game meat, but the interesting crunchy texture and strong vinegar punch made for a really delicious dinner!

Vinegar and Vinegared Pulp-18

Vinegar and Vinegared Pulp-19

Vinegar and Vinegared Pulp-20

vinegared pulp 5

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