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Once upon a time, there was a proud French Canadian (let’s call him David). He loved to challenge his mind and his stomach with whatever food came his way. About four times a year, he would food poison himself trying out different cooking techniques and weird ingredients… and he was content. Then along came a close-minded, picky vegetarian (let’s call her Melissa). She made him green tofu pasta, which he promptly regurgitated–and they’ve been happily together ever since.

Our relationship is one of challenges–that is to say he challenges her to try new things and to eat as balanced a diet as a vegetarian can; she insists on temperature-checking all of his proteins to ensure they are cooked within safe temperatures. He is the primary chef of this relationship and she is the happy consumer, sous chef and sorcerer (someone who sources? ) of the most hard to find ingredients.  He might be slipping duck fat into each meal, but whatever it is, she thinks it’s delicious! (She’s learned not to ask questions she doesn’t want the answers to).

This brings us to present-day. David has grown his culinary skill and has been eagerly looking for a challenge. Given his love of anything covered in duck fat, foie gras, or maple syrup, it’s no surprise that we have chosen the professional cookbook to an amazing restaurant in Montreal to cook through. Toqué! features a number of ingredients neither of us have ever seen or cooked with before and will need some resourcefulness to find (anyone know where to find a pregnant French Canadian shrimp?).

Our goal is to cook through all 130 recipes of this book and to have fun documenting our experiences, failures and triumphs. I have no doubt this process will leave us All Toqué’d Out!

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    1. Hi Chris, we’re happy that you’re following us and apologize for the lag in our posts! We took a break over the holidays, but will soon be posting two new recipes we’ve completed, Girly Cranberries and Montreal Sausage à la Brasserie T! Stay tuned!

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