Index of Dishes

Toqué!’s cookbook contains 130 recipes, divided into 4 subsections. If you are interested in purchasing the cookbook, check it out at!

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Fir Mousse and Sea Buckthorn Cocktail
Spoonful of Flowers
Wasabi Mousse Begonias
Sautéed Dandelions or Nettles
Fried Fiddleheads and Popcorn
Wilted Daylily Chips
Daylilies Stuffed with Caviar and Whipped Cream
Daylily Asparagus with Sugar, Salt and Spices
Asparagus with Gribiche Sauce
Garbage Asparagus: Fried Asparagus Peels
Asparagus Mousse with Burnt Butter
Maple Syrup Caramelized White Asparagus
Stuffed Morels with Asparagus and Whipped Garlic Cream
Mushroom Gum
Crispy Black Trumpets
Cocoa Bean Salad with Black Trumpets and Basil
Beef Sashimi with Morels
Chanterelles and Glasswort Salad with Blueberry Vinaigrette
Mock Mushroom
Sea Buckthorn Wafers, Foie Gras and Cranberry Purée
Rhubarb for Tots
Fried Rhubarb Trims
Rhubarb Cannoli
Explosive Toffee
Cream Fudge with Extra Cream

From the River to the Gulf

Shrimp Cocktail
Fried Shrimp Heads with Potato Mousse
Matane Shrimp Omelette
Daikon Rolls with Marinated Salmon
Basic Grissini Dough
Crab Grissini
Grissini Skewers with Salmon
Tuna Belly Grissini
Confit Salmon
Mock Smoked Salmon
Burnt Confit Mackerel
U-Shaped Mackerel
Roasted Halibut Tail with Garden Herbs
Smoked Herring Cream
Veal Sweetbreads and Endives with Butter of Smoked Eel
Sophie’s Cold Cod Soup
Toque! Monkfish Ankimio
Monkfish Liver Mousse and Vegetable Rolls
Calamari, Squid Ink and Tomatoes
Pigeons and Calamari
Signature Sea Urchins
Whelk Salad
Fir Beef and Sautéed Whelk with Chanterelles
Chinatown Razor Clam Salad
Lemon Butter Razor Clams with Chanterelles and Beans
110% Lobster
Hong Kong Lobster
Basic Marinated Scallop Recipe
Princess Scallops with Apples, Radishes, and Barley Grass
Giant Tuna Sashimi

Crafting Diversity

Apple and Vanilla Grass Cocktail
Strawberry Hull Martinis
Blackcurrant Cocktail
Replanted Carrots and Radishes
Pancetta Almonds
Fried Garlic Shoots or Salsify
Rutabaga Mousse and Cocoa Butter
Sweet Corn with Butter and Salt
Sweet Corn with Butter and Salt and Nothing Between the Teeth
Sweet Corn Ice Cream on Corn Sugar
Vegetable Salad
Roasted Potato Peels
Potato Mousse
Tomatoes and Burnt Bread
Cold Tomato Soup
Backwards BLT
Tomato Jam and Wild Ginger Iced Milk
Peas and Pigeon Supreme
Strawberry Stem Water
Berry Sorbet
Berry Vinegar
Fruit Sugar
Vinegared Pulp
Fruit Water
Fruit Oil
Wasabi Strawberries
Ham and Strawberries with Molasses and Lime Zest
Strawberry Terrine
Girly Cranberries
Blueberry Tartlet
2 x 2
Fruit Paste à la Montreal Convention Centre
Fruit Soufflés
Pom Pom Pom
Caramel Bubbles
Poached Pears with Beet Juice
Peaches with Yellow Wine and Dried Olives
Mr. Bertrand’s Melon Village with Smoked Fat
“My Father’s Glory” Melon Dessert
Nothing Ice Cream
Banana Sorbet and Mousse with Dry Saffron Meringue
Chocolate Purse

Our Land

Mead Slush Cocktail
Beet Crispy Cream with Smoked Salmon Eggs
Montreal Sausage à la Brasserie T!
Chicken Skin Terrine
Head Cheese
Chicken Casserole
Smoked Quail
Quail Rump Salad
Quail Confit
Jar of Pigeon
Pressed Foie Gras
Pressed Foie Gras, Brandy Endives and Grapefruit Confit
Seared Foie Gras, H2O, Rhubarb and Strawberries
Caramel Foie Gras
Foie Gras Tissot
Beef Rossini with Flowers, Small Fruits and Beet Caramel
Venison in Bordelaise Sauce with Dog Rose Purée and Cabbage Chips
Venison Tongue Sashimi
Venison Heart
Daylily Salad with Venison Heart, Calamari
Roast Piglet Flank with Hot Shrimp and Endive Salad
Smoked Sweet
Bone Marrow Salad with Truffles
Truffle Cavatelli
Striped Bass with Truffles
All Things Truffle
Mock Chocolate Truffle
Pseudo Pizzas
Goat Cheese Gratin
Blue Cheese and Meringue
Cinderella Pumpkin Ice Cream with Roasted Seeds
Orange, it’s a Party!
Félix’s Roast Pig

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