Asparagus Mousse with Burnt Butter

Asparagus trimmings, cream, burnt butter


The following is an actual conversation with Melissa:

Melissa:   So what goes in the dish your making?
David:      Trimmings of asparagus.
Melissa:   But what else is goes in it?
David:      Full fat milk and cream!
Melissa:   Okay, but what is it served with?
David:      Butter… and a spoon!

This was a fun recipe to make, it was the perfect opportunity for us to play with our new whipping siphon!

We started by peeling and chopping green asparagus. I’m pretty sure this recipe was intended to minimize waste, so rather than discard the naked asparagus, we steamed them the next day for dinner.



The above picture shows the parts of the asparagus we actually used for this recipe. We lightly simmered the peels and trimmings in milk until they were soft and subsequently blended the mixture into a purée.  We then added whipping cream and poured into the siphon.


After charging the siphon with N2O, we left it to chill in the fridge. While the cream was chilling, we burned some butter on the stove. This was a very quick  process, and the butter was almost black when we took it off the heat.

After some time had passed, we couldn’t wait anymore and decided to try plating. Our plan was to siphon a small portion of asparagus foam into a bowl, add some burnt butter sauce, then photograph and eat. What actually happened? We siphoned some asparagus foam–wait, I think I’m using the wrong word here–we splattered asparagus foam all over the place and spent the next 5 minutes cleaning up the aftermath (this involved our clothing, table, light box, faces, walls, and the floor). Then Melissa gave it a try… although this time the mess was slightly less devastating since we had relocated to the kitchen counter (that’s what back-splashes are for!). We decided to abandon the shallow bowl–we figured a cup was the best bet for success. We ultimately were able to “plate” this dish in a cup and dress it with the burnt butter sauce.

One of the challenges we faced with this dish is that the asparagus foam easily liquefied under the hot lights. This made the photography aspect slightly more stressful, but I think we were able to get an okay final picture.


It was interesting to eat–it tasted very strongly of  asparagus, which was surprising given that we only used the peels and other trimmings which would usually be considered garbage. I can’t say that we’re excited to make this again, but it’s possible that it was intended to be enjoyed alongside a protein or a salad. If we do make this again, we’ll pair it with something for sure!